domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

2009 At a Glance

These songs are some of the best stuff found this year 2009. The most important thing about the passion of music is sharing, and this is a sample of what to expect from this blog in the next coming months before the year end.
I'd like to thank some friends that help me find fantastic new stuff, first Morten from Hits in the car in Denmark, Peter from Coast is Clear in Germany, Chris from Music of the Moment in Switzerland, JA from Spain and Eddie from Indie Music Rock in Peru.
Hope this is enjoyable to your ears, at least it is for me.

80th Disorder - No place like

Legion Within - Mouth of madness
Evening Lights - Don't turn the light out
Everyday Mistakes - A wrong turn and raindrops
The Storm - The beauty of small things
Bye Bye Bicicle - Northpole
We Miss the Earth - Incentive
Ted & Francis - Livings lost
Magnus Sinnes - Automatic

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